About Me

Describing oneself is perhaps the most difficult task on earth,simply because it involves classifying and taming a fleeting shadow. I do not know whether I should tell you who I am,or acquaint you with who I am not,what I do or what I don’t do;how I live or how I don’t live.Life is a confused symphony of ill-met paradoxes.

However,that being said,let me attempt to write an ‘About Me’,in all its unfinished blurriness. I am Shinjini Bhattacharjee. I hold an M.A degree in English Literature and am a self professed jabberwocky who loves to explore the poems garbed in the hues of varied emotions every moment of my life composes. And as an enthusiastic amateur lexical photographer, I try to capture their beauty in the best way I can.

Since writing is mainly a subjective affair,both the writer and the reader play a crucial role.So your opinions are more than welcome.It will only result in a more fruitful intellectual and aesthetic interaction between both of us.


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Shinjini, thank you for stopping and liking a recent post. I look forward to following your blog, its poetry garbed in hues of various emotions. Poetry does that as it reveals emotions through textual imagery.

    Take care,


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