They Will Survive

The hesitant act of the sun to give breath to the morning light gave way to a more confident assertion of the same as I made my way quickly towards the patch of nature that had doctored the bruises of my teenage sorrow for years.From a distance I saw the bulldozers whose engines were already singing an unsympathetic dirge over the slow death of that grove.And all this just because they felt that a party hall had a greater right to live than an ’empty’ land unnecessarily employed with greenery.This was the place where I and many introvert souls like me had engaged in a mental discourse with nature and had given life to our ideas which could not take birth otherwise in this dominating society.My tears took a small revenge by destroying the destructive vision witnessed by my eyes for a few moments by blurring it,but they eventually took a recourse to further manuring the grief which was gradually gaining a more prominent identity inside me.

Unable to hear the menacing sounds of the havoc causing engines anymore,I turned my brisk steps towards my home and in the process,tripped and fell headlong on a pavement.As I was getting up,I saw near a drain which carried all the filth that my society generated,a small green tendril full of life,swaying gently with the breeze,unfettered and carefree.I got up and smiled,and for the first time,felt the same Wordsworthian delight of having discovered the true nature of nature.


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